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As part of our mission to promote authors, the joy of reading, and to help independent booksellers, The Book Jam has paired with the The Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, Vermont to present an ongoing series entitled “3 Questions”. In it, we pose three questions to authors with upcoming visits to the bookstore. (We have a rotating list of six possible questions to ask just to keep things interesting.) Their responses are posted on The Book Jam during the days leading up to their engagement. Our hope is that this exchange will offer insight into their work, will encourage readers to attend these special author events, and ultimately, will inspire some great reading.

vicki hoefle

This “3 questions” features Vicki Hoefle, a professional parent educator with over 20 years experience teaching parents, educators and caregivers how to raise respectful, responsible and resilient children. Ms. Hoefle combines her expertise in Adlerian Psychology and as an International Coaching Federation certified coach to bring parents Duct Tape Parenting, a book, but also a parenting strategy that provides time-tested tools for a happy and peaceful family life. Ms. Hoefle is a mother of six and lives in Middlebury, Vermont

Ms. Hoefle will be visiting the Norwich Bookstore at 7 pm on Wednesday, June 10 to discuss The Straight Talk on Parenting: A No-Nonsense Approach on How to Grow a Grown-UpThis is a ticketed event with proceeds going to The Family Place in Norwich, Vermont. Tickets are $5.00 and include admission plus 10% off Hoefle’s book. Please stop by the Norwich Bookstore or The Family Place to purchase a ticket (cash or check only, please) and reserve a seat. Questions? Call 802-649-1114.  And if you can not attend in person, you can benefit from Ms. Hoefle’s expertise through reading her latest book.

1). What three books have helped shape you into the author you are today, and why?

I am interested in providing readers with information they can use to challenge old beliefs, consider new perspectives, and reframe ideas which lead to changes in behavior and attitudes. These authors do this for me and inspire me to attempt to provide this for others.


2). What author (living or dead) would you most like to have a cup of coffee with and why?

Anna Quindlen  – This is very personal and I’m not sure I can describe why I would want to share a cup of coffee with her.  I admire her as a writer, mother, woman, and friend.  There is something so brave and true and honest about the way she writes.  I don’t have a list of questions I would ask her but rather, I think I would learn just by being in her company and watching the way she views the world and interacts with others.

3) What books are currently on your bedside table?

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